Posted by: Cleric | July 1, 2011

The Flight of Phoenix.

To my friends and family in the South Florida firedancing community,

First, let me express my deepest thanks.  Phoenix – A Firedancing Fundraiser, was a smashing success, the donation total is now over $1,200 and counting.  But more than that, I want to thank each and every one of you for putting aside just about everything you had going on in your work, family, and personal lives to help a fallen brother get back up.  We came together and gave of ourselves without judgment, and for that, I am forever grateful.

We also put on a HELL of a fire show.  I don’t know if you saw the show I saw, but the only thing more eyegasmic than watching each of you showcase your love of the fire arts was watching you all do it together.

South Florida audiences will never be the same :).

Many of you have a million questions about the first Phoenix, mostly because some of you hope to host gatherings like this in the future (awesome!!!).  I am writing, as we speak, the follow up journalism entry on Phoenix.  When complete, it will be published on  Much like the blog I’ve recently completed on FP called “Thy Mighty Staff,” (part #3 is live) this will detail virtually everything about the organization and management of Phoenix.

I’ve spoken with Kevin and Jimi from Spin-ballS and consulted with other friends and colleagues in the fire community and we are very excited to announce that Phoenix – a Firedancing Fundraiser, will become a quarterly public fire arts event which will, over time, proudly develop:

•     a cutting-edge fueling system suitable for up to 200 dancers

•     More entertainment scouts, we had 3 in the audience that I recognized but I have a plan to get all of them there at the same time.

•     Intense planning.

•     More Sponsors; mainstream sponsors.

•     Volunteers.

•     Product tie-ins (a kind of sponsorship)

•     An advertising campaign.

•     A quality PR machine that will bring fire arts to the TV screens of all South Floridians.

•     A global webcast

It will – with much work, passion, and focus – truly rise to be a major South Florida Happening.

There’s more.  Every non-Phoenix month at Young Circle, Spin-ballS and I will host a spinjam from 12:00 noon until 11:00 pm that turns into a firejam after the sun goes down.  Second Sundays are the suggested days, subject to change.  These fire arts gatherings are just for us, but we’ll also make it a point to spin some Spin-ballS and demo them for passers-by that take an interest in our spinning.  Cool, because we get to make new spinners and help a local vendor and friend grow their business by simply doing what we love – spinning stuff!

Young Circle is a real Godsend to the South Florida fire arts and spinning community.  To say nothing of the killer state of the art dance studio we can use on-property to host guest instructors from places like Groovolution and others, the park has allowed us – thanks to the relationship, park permits, and insurance with Spin-ballS – to give South Florida’s fire artists their first ever public, live, and totally legal firedancing pitch.                                                              

The next fire spinjam at Young Circle is Sunday, 7/17, we’ll follow up with more details soon.  Thanks again, I love each and every one of you, and stay tuned fo mo fi-ya!

~Julian “Cleric” Campolo

Fire By The Palm Productions



  1. I had a blast spinning that night, I am so glad to get to fire play with all these great people converging for a good cause. I don’t personally know Alex but I wish him a full and quick recovery, looking forward for the next fire gathering.
    Count me in!! 🙂

  2. I had fun and enjoyed meeting all the new people who came out for the event.

    I think you guys really need to address the lack of safety with regard to the fueling station and think that the whole event needs some major work, especially the training of safety’s and having people at the ready to extinguish props. Considering the event came about to help someone who didn’t practice proper safety precautions, that was a major let down for me. I didn’t see enough people dressed in black and hardly ever saw them holding a fire blanket or standing near one. There were a number of easy suggestions made prior to the event and none of them were taken.

    Until you really address and improve the safety aspect, I honestly don’t support this event taking place. I’d want to see some smaller scale events with actual practice runs at how safety should be handled before seeing another few hundred people out at a public show.

    • Sean, I couldn’t agree more, it was as ghetto as it gets. You won’t have to worry about attending anything like that in the future because a fuel setup like that is now and forever, history. Great for Gary’s, no big deal on the beach, but dangerous at Youngs.

      What I have now that I did not have prior to Phoenix #1 is time and manpower to help lock this in. Two more organizer peeps have joined the group, and we have volunteer commitments from over 10 of our friends in the community to give this particular issue the intense focus that it demands. In the days between deciding to continue on with Phoenix and today, I have spoken with you personally as well as others and I am not exaggerating when I say that the application of all known safety methods for an event of this scale is the only thing we have discussed. The organizing committee, volunteers, sponsors, friends and I aren’t talking about sponsors, media, press, business, sales, or any of that. Just safety and staging. At Groovolution on Wednesday night, I told Heather that “I am not going to stop focusing on this until South Florida has a fuel dump and safety system that fire artists around the world can geek out over.”

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